About us

DGM - Technomix group is a feed supplier and manufacturer company in livestock and poultry industry which starts its activities in 1385 by production of super-starter, broiler chickens and layer hen concentrates 2.5, 3 and 5% and specific supplements. The products of DGM Technomix group found its unique place among the best feed supplements in Iranian industry consequently grown up quickly in the marketing. The products of this company are supplied according to the different geographical place and regional climates. The balance of nutrients in the concentrates and final mixed formula provided by this company are able to help to poultry production performance.
From the other activities of this group is importing and supplying of feed stuffs, additives and concentrates for animal industry from European countries. The expert team including managers, nutritionists, advisors, as well as sale employees are working together to enhance the ability of production and marketing. As the mentioned above, DGM Technomix group has a solid background which is prepared by its professional technical team so all the formulated products are based on research studies and their marketing is always after field trials which finally promote the performance and improve the health of animals and poultry, as well as the economic costs of production. One of the positive points of this group during its working existence is the stability of quality and price. The site of manufacturing for DGM Technomix products is Telavang Company but they as known with brand of DGM Technomix.
This company continuously looking for introducing new products cover the needs of poultry industry and in a little while will introduce new products for poultry feeds. Manager hopes with current capabilities could have further progress and plays valuable role as an entrepreneur in the economic structure of the country.

The goals of DGM Technomix group are:

- Improved feed conversion
- Increasing growth rate
- Reducing feed costs
- Reducing cost of poultry production
**Finally we believe that there is no end to quality**