Enrofloxacin negative effects on joint disorders and paralysis

Enrofloxacin is an antibiotic from fluoroquinolone families due to the vast antibacterial spectrum that is used to prevent and treat bacterial infections in animals such as poultry. This antibiotic act against warm-positive and warm-negative bacteria’s and will disrupt their growth and proliferation.
Enrofloxacin usage in poultry due to drug resistance has been banned by the FDA in 2005. Also in growing animals, this antibiotics causing problems in the joints of foot, which has been proved in growing dogs. In broilers which has high growth rate, high doses or long-term usage could lead to joint problems, arthritis, and paralysis.
So usage of quinolone family of antibiotics need more discretion. Daily recommended dose of Enrofloxacin for broilers is 10 mg per kg of body weight. Accordingly, the amount of 25.0 to 5.0 liters of Enrofloxacin 10% is recommended per 1000 liters of water birds.
But this amount in summer, that bird will consume more water should be adjusted, so the intake dose of medication do not cause negative effects on joints of bird’s leg with high rate of growth. For example if Enrofloxacin with density of 1/1000 is used for 10 day broiler with normal weight of 280 gr, since this bird consume about 100 ml of water per day in normal conditions, the amount of Enrofloxacin is approximately 40 mg per kg body weight.
But the bird in the warm weather may be consume up to twice amount of water that drug dose increases to 80 mg per kg body weight. Of course the absorbed dose per body weight in young chickens will be more and its negative effects will be more pronounced. However, broilers are exposed to hot air eat a small meal which reduces their nutrient intake and therefore lower calcium element they would intake that this small amount is connected and absorbed with large quantities of Enrofloxacin and finally the bird suffer from paralysis.
If in this condition diet phosphate will be increased naturally there will be more difficulty because calcium and phosphorus balance of diet is disrupted. But usage of CMP in water and discontinuation of Enrofloxacin could remove the problem.

By Dr. Maziar Mohiti Asli, Poultry Nutritionist
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